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There’s no secret to getting interviews —


The key is to make a powerful first impression, and an outstanding resume makes a powerful first impression
– in five seconds!

Statistics say that resumes often get a first glance from a hiring manager of only five seconds or less before being relegated to the ‘call’ or ‘don’t call’ pile. And that’s just the five-second once-over from the hiring manager.

Your resume should be carefully designed to easily pass through the scrutiny of three potential ‘gatekeepers’: 

  1. The company’s computer keyword scanner;
  2. A resume ‘screener’ (intern / clerical person / assistant) who has been charged with matching up job postings with resumes that have been received and that appear to be in alignment with the posting’s requirements; AND
  3. The employer/hiring manager.

If your resume can’t pass all three of those hurdles, chances are it’s ending up in the ‘do not contact’ pile.

I’ve been writing resumes for more than 20 years and I know how to position you so that you’ll get the interviews you want. I’ve written compelling, interview-getting, job-winning resumes for every  industry and type and level of job, and for job-seekers in a complete range of situations.

I find and showcase your accomplishments, strengthen your experience, and smooth over awkward areas (job gaps, short term jobs, terminations) so that when an employer reviews your resume they’ll see only how you’ll benefit their organization, and that you’re qualified and ready to hit the ground running.

My clients include:

  • C-level, VP, Director-level and all other executives and managers looking for a new challenge
  • Mid-level professionals seeking advancement within their profession or company or a complete job/career change
  • People re-entering the job market after an absence
  • Military personnel returning to civilian life
  • Recent graduates just starting out
  • And all other job seekers wanting to make a good first impression

I routinely get calls and emails from people saying “The resume you made for me got me the job!” which is exactly what a resume should do.

Or: Maybe you already have a resume that you thought was good/great, but it’s being ignored by hiring managers?

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re applying for job after job —but your phone isn’t ringing … You’re actively searching for your dream job —but not getting interviews or offers …

  • You know what you want in a new job but have no idea of what code you have to crack to get it…
  • You know you have great things to offer a new company but don’t feel that your resume conveys that message…
  • You’re sending out resume after resume—dozens, maybe even hundreds—and getting little or no response…
  • You feel like you took a wrong turn somewhere along the way but have no idea how to get back on track…
  • You feel trapped in your current situation, afraid, sometimes, that you may never find another job…

The reason for all of those problems
could simply be an ineffective resume…

The Real Impact of an Ineffective Resume

When your resume isn’t doing its job, you could find yourself:

  • Stressed and anxious
  • Worried about money and your future
  • Stuck in a job you hate
  • Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning
  • Feeling miserable all day at work
  • Returning home exhausted and frustrated
  • Taking out frustrations on family
  • Feeling depressed/withdrawing from things you love
  • Feeling hopeless

Here’s How Things Could Look Instead

Armed with a strong, new, fresh resume that clearly outlines your value to a new organization, in plain English, you could find yourself:

  • Confident that you’ll never be out of work again — and that you’ll never have to settle for less than what you want in a job
  • Increasing your personal bottom line by being offered a higher salary — because your polished, professional resume makes you look like you deserve more money
  • Eager to go to work every day — because you love what you do and feel appreciated by co-workers, managers and customers/clients
  • In a job you love and loving your life — not in 2 months or 2 years but NOW!!!

What clients have told me after receiving their new resumes:

“After having the resume for two weeks I’ve started to get calls already, and I’ve been really surprised by that. I’ve been wanting to go back to Baltimore and have been getting calls from there. Thank you so much.” — Purchasing Director

“Since the revamp last month and your guidance on networking I have two very good companies looking my way. I should have spoken to you months ago. Thanks again for you help!”  — Manufacturing Operations Manager

“I received the documents the other day and the resume is amazing! When I first looked at it I thought, ‘That’s not me’ but I’ve realized that, it is me! My wife had encouraged me to get my resume done professionally but I hadn’t wanted to spend the money, I thought I could do it on my own, but you saw the resume I created for myself and it’s nowhere near what you made for me. Obviously I could have never done this myself.”  — Sr. Sales Executive

A Professionally-Prepared Resume
Will Get You The Interviews You Want

Finding a Great Job — Quickly! —
IS Possible When You Partner with a Pro!

My work as a professional resume writer for the past 20+ years has helped countless professionals in all fields and industries and at all levels to better position themselves as ideal candidates for their ideal jobs so they never have to worry about settling for less. I watch client after client shift away from jobs that don’t fit them any more into careers that they love. Time after time clients tell me that it was the new resume that got them the job because, when the hiring manager got down to two, or four, or 8 or more clients – theirs, they were told, was the best resume.

Below are some things people have told me after working with me:

A few recent success stories

  • Retail Distributions Operations/Customer Service Director transitioned from being downsized with no notice to a new job within two weeks — after interviewing with and receiving offers from five good companies in her field
  • Fiscal Officer selected over 50+ other highly qualified candidates for a Comptroller position at a large university (changed jobs within two months)
  • Senior HR Manager—wanting to relocate to be closer to family-shifted from a highly visible and productive role with a large New York State insurance organization to an even larger, better-paying HR position in California in less than 3 months
  • Recent Accounting Graduate went back to college after many years in accounts payable and bookkeeping roles — landed an Accounting position with a Fortune 500 company after receiving several solid offers within four weeks
  • Seasoned Pharmaceutical Sales Rep selected from among 10+ highly qualified internal candidates for a newly opening sales role in her company
  • Maintenance Mechaniclanded highly competitive (400+ candidates) and coveted (employee’s children get free tuition) job in his field at a college. Hiring committee ultimately reduced the candidate list to four people and then selected this person based on his spectacular resume
  • And many, many more!

How it works

I begin by working with you to identify and draw out strengths and value you may not even know you have, and then I take over from there, using industry knowledge, “hot button words” and effective resume techniques designed to get the attention and interest of hiring managers. My clients have said that I take the pain out of the resume process and help them shave weeks and months — sometimes even years — off their job searches.

The benefits of having a great new resume

  • The new resume will just feel very good to you! You’ll feel better about going forward in a job search and the good/better feelings will ripple out through the job finding process, your family and home life, and all the rest of your life!
  • Your resume will dominate employers’ resume stacks and employers will put your name on their short list—even before they meet you, they’ll want you!
  • And best of all, they’ll expect to pay you more money than they were originally going to offer for the job, because they’ll be able to see the superior value you’re offering their company!

I help people secure positions at whole new companies,
or climb the ladder within their current company

A resume for use within the organization where you’re already employed should be different from one you’d use to seek employment outside of the organization. An ‘internal’ resume can be composed with ‘company language’, using internal terms, acronyms and jargon, and with a focus on what’s important within that company. An external resume—for use outside of the company—should be more ‘industry focused’, to show you not as a ‘company person’, but as someone who knows and is able to function optimally in the larger field.

Whether your interest is in moving to a new position within your company, or securing a job at a new company, a well-prepared resume can help make your transition to your new job fast and easy.

Get Started Now!

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Terrie Osborn

Terrie Osborn
Owner, Resumes Etc., Syracuse, New York

Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
Certified Empowerment and Motivational Coach (CEMC)
Winner of a TORI (Toast Of The Resume Industry) Award for Best Military Transition Resume
Published in Knock ’em Dead Resumes by Martin Yate
Published in Top Notch Executive Resumes by Katharine Hansen, PhD.
Former contract resume writer for TheLadders.com
Former contract writer for Monster.com